Choosing to Call a Medicaid Fraud Attorney Today


Getting notified by the Medicaid department that you are currently being investigated for fraud can rattle you done to your shoes. The time to start taking action is the minute you get that notification because this is most certainly a timely issue. Put this off and you could miss the deadline and have to face serious consequences as a result. The best way to make certain that this issue is addressed and is put behind you is to simply call your local Medicaid fraud attorney right now.

Dealing With that Correspondence

Many people get overwhelmed when they receive that letter declaring they are being investigated for fraud because they simply can not recall what may have triggered the issue. it could simply be a concern over your address, or it could be that assets were discovered that were not properly listed n your application. The local Medicaid fraud attorney will be able to read and discover exactly what the issue is and what course of action need be taken to get this resolved before court is involved. The sooner your local medicaid fraud lawyer can get things squared away, the sooner you can put this behind you.

The Severe Penalties for Fraud

If you simply moved to a new jurisdiction without updating the application, that is one thing, it is another to have hidden assets or claiming you make less than you really do. In many cases the department working the case has already been in touch with your employer so they know exactly what type of money is involved. If not fixed, you risk losing your benefits, you risk having to pay back some of the benefits, or you could be subjected to having to pay back all of the benefits that you have received up to this point.


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