Medicaid Fraud FAQ

Why do people get investigated in the Human Resource Administration from New York? When people get investing by the HRA technically they are not supposed to have medicaid , it could be many reason why. People only could get medicaid if their income is low, so is the HRA think that people lied about their income, it could lead into trouble.

Also if people tell lied about their name or the application they send, it could cause series problem. Another thing is if people have criminal record than the HRA have all the right to investigate people. People must come in the United States legally in order to get medicaid so if people lie about saying they came in America legally than that could cause bad reputation.Last is, if people work in a company that give benefit than they definitely not suppose to have medicaid. However, if people didn’t do anything wrong than here is some advice.

First wait unit someone call about the investigate, never go on a meeting with the investigator from HRA if it is not that serious because if people do that than the HRA probably will be suspicious.Now if it is very serious about the investigator than tried to cooperate with them.Also negotiate with them in a nice way of the medicaid problem.If it still going on about it than find a good lawyer for help of the case .If the investigation still going on like in an abusing way than tried to get help by the Medical professional or Medicaid.The Medical professional or fraud is in New York City and they help people about the Medicaid Provider Fraud & Abuse Investigation. Read more tips on how to choose a medicaid fraud lawyer for your case come visit our site.


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