What Could Happen Without Using a Medicaid Fraud Attorney?


When many people are notified they have to come to court to address the issue of Medicaid fraud, many simply sit back and think they will just arrive at court and sweet-talk their way out of the jam. This isn’t traffic court, you have to play by a whole different set of rules. If you think not getting a Medicaid fraud attorney will safe you money, then you are going to wind up spending a lot more in the long run when the judge rules against you.

Here are just some of the things that could happen when you go to court without a Medicaid fraud attorney.

One of the things most people don’t even consider when they are debating about gong with a Medicaid fraud attorney is the piece of mind you get when you have a professional fighting for you. From the time you get the letter until court day, that added stress is killing you slowly.

If the judge is not impressed with your story about why he should not penalize you, then you are going to be subject a variety of fines. These can run small to the very costly. This is certainly a risky bet.

Your judge has the option to suspend your benefits for a determined time or permanently. Is it worth risking that much on trying to fight the system to save a few bucks in hiring your own Medicaid fraud attorney.

The judge can demand that you pay back the benefits that you received to a point.

Now it is not a guarantee these things will happen, but why take a chance? If your medicaid fraud lawyer can get you the best outcome, why risk it on the roll of the dice when your financial future is at stake.


Protect Your Future with the Medicaid Fraud Attorney

1Too many people make the mistake of thinking they can just walk into court and sweet-talk the judge out of handing down too harsh a punishment in their Medicaid fraud case. This is certainly not traffic court, these judges have to abide by very strict rules and they can not simply give you a pass because you think you are a smooth talker. The best thing to do would be ask for help from your local Medicaid fraud attorney before things get worse.

Nothing to Lose by Asking

The one thing that you have to realize out of the gate is you have nothing to lose by calling the Medicaid fraud attorney because the initial consultation is free. So not only can you see the professional working your case, they will be able to look at the letter you received and offer their expert opinion. If they feel it is something you can handle yourself, they will certainly tell you that. However, they will remind you that if the charges are serious that the judges do not take kindly when you show up to court unprepared, and bringing in a skilled Medicaid fraud attorney will go a long way in getting you a positive outcome.

Putting Your Case Together

Once your Medicaid fraud attorney is on the case, they know exactly how to proceed to get you the best possible outcome. By gathering the documents the court requires and putting together a great defense, your lawyer will fight on your behalf to ensure you are not going to be hit with too harsh a punishment. Even if the judge rules a certain way, your attorney has the experience to plea bargain down the charges.

Your medicaid fraud lawyer knows their way around that court and will get you the most favorable outcome.


Finding the Best Medicaid Fraud Lawyer


Finding the Best Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

You are in a spot where you need help, someone who will support you and stand up for you. You are in a situation where you need to have someone prove that you have not done anything wrong. You are trying to get through a hard time, a time where you feel like the whole world is against you. You need to find a lawyer who is going to stand up for you. You have to find a lawyer who is going to handle your situation and move you beyond it. Doing that can be difficult, but there is a good medicaid fraud lawyer out there if you know how to look for such a person.

The Best Medicaid Fraud Lawyer is Strong and Ready to Take Action:

It is important for a lawyer to take on your case who will fight hard for you, someone who will move in and take action right away. You have to find a lawyer who is going to work for you in a powerful and efficient way. Find a lawyer who is prepared to fight long and hard.

The Best Medicaid Fraud Lawyer is Willing to Listen:

You have a lot on your mind and a lot that you want to share with the one who is going to represent you. It is important for you to find a lawyer who is going to listen to all that you have to say and who will make sure that you feel heard.

Find the Best Medicaid Fraud Lawyer:

In the midst of a hard time, you need to have a lawyer on your side who will be there for you and fight strong for you. Look for a Medicaid fraud lawyer who is prepared to provide you with the best representation.


Reasons to Hire a Medicaid Fraud Lawyer


If you are notified in the mail that you are currently under investigation for Medicaid fraud, there is not time to waste in reaching out to your local Medicaid fraud lawyer. Each day that passes, you limit the chances of a lawyer being able to help you to win your case and avoid all the trouble that is coming your way.

Gathering Important Evidence

If you think that you can simply toss the letter aside and then show up to court to defend yourself with no serious work done to prove your case, you are going to be in for a very long day. These judges have seen enough of these cases and are making examples of those who they consider are gaming the system. If you think you can talk your way out of this situation, you are going to be shocked how quickly the judge rules against you. Call your local medicaid fraud lawyer and let them at the least analyze the letter. It might be an oversight, or it might be that you are in serious trouble and need an attorney to help convince the judge this issue should not impact you the rest of your life.

Avoiding Serious Penalties

One of the reasons that you want to be working with a Medicaid fraud lawyer is because they understand how to give the courts exactly what they need in order to close the case. On the low end, you could be facing some fines that may be more money than you have to pay at this time. On the higher end, depending on the judge, you could have those medicaid benefits suspended temporarily or permanently. There are some cases where the judge has made people pay back the benefits they received including interest too.


Choosing Your Local Medicaid Fraud Lawyer


The day that you receive notification that you are being investigated for Medicaid fraud can turn your world upside-down. The emotions begin to spin out of control while you wonder what triggered the investigation, what is going to happen to you, and if you will continue to receive benefits. To make sense of all the questions, the best thing that you can do today is to reach out to your local Medicaid fraud attorney and allow them to give you piece of mind moving forward.

Understanding How to Gather Evidence

As your court date is fast approaching, it is important that you gather everything that the judge is going to need to see in order to rule in our favor. If you show up to the courts unprepared, you are going to be surprised how harsh the judge comes down on you. The courts are full of these type cases and the courts have little patience when it comes to being unprepared. Do yourself a favor and make sure you make use of the skills of the local Medicaid fraud attorney to help you to win your case. they spend a considerable amount of time in the court room and know what the judge wants to satisfy the order.

Losing Benefits and More

One of the reasons you must be working with the local medicaid fraud lawyer is because you stand to lose more than you might realize if you lose this case. The judge can hand down several fines that can stretch out for months or years. The judge does have the ability to suspend your benefits, or in some cases can end them permanently. In some extreme cases, the judge can demand that you pay back all the benefits that you have received up to this point too.


Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Medicaid Fraud Is A “White Collar” Crime!


There is nothing new about Medicaid fraud in this country. It’s been ongoing for decades and still is as common as leaves on a tree. Why you may ask? Well, simply because the fraud is easy to commit and, in many cases, hard to catch the thief – think the former food stamp program. Oh, sure, even with the old method of issuing food stamps, the Feds, in their infinite wisdom, decided that offering a “credit card lookalike” would ease the pain and embarrassment of the user having to pull-out a handful of stamps in the checkout line; not so much.

How A Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Can Help!

It’s just common sense, folks to understand that Medicaid fraud and abuse affects every person reading this article. Fraud occurs when some person intentionally executes or attempts a scheme to obtain money or property of any health care benefit program like Medicaid. The difference between fraud and abuse is the intent. If you have been a victim or plan to become a whistleblower to get a reward, it’s best if you hire a Medicaid fraud lawyer who specializes in this type of fraudulent legal action. The government pays between 15 percent and 30 percent of the funds it recovers, but if you don’t know the rules and process of the game, you may not collect anything. So, you’re first step is contacting a medicaid fraud lawyer.

Note: This short list may help you and your lawyer:

* Kickbacks fraud
* Ambulance fraud
* Pharmaceutical fraud
* Long term acute care hospital fraud
* Cost of goods or services fraud

If you know something or some company or person involved in Medicaid fraud, please contact a lawyer with Medicaid fraud experience who will know the steps to take and protect you.


What Exactly Is Medicaid Fraud?

1Unlike other types of fraud like food stamp fraud, Medicaid fraud is different in that it does scam the government but on a much larger scale than food stamp fraud. Those that commit Medicaid fraud can scam the government out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, and this is why these types of fraud are investigated thoroughly, and the charges can be extreme. There are some that commit Medicaid fraud on such large scales that they face many years in jail as well as large fines because they are not only taking from the government but also harming those who do not receive the treatments they need. Whether the Medicaid fraud is committed by a company or an individual doesn’t matter because both persons can be charged with fraud and can face penalties, fines, and jail time. Those who are facing Medicaid fraud will want to hire a medicaid fraud lawyer.

Getting The Right Kind Of Attorney

Those that are injured in an accident will want an accident attorney. Anyone who is facing criminal charges will hire a criminal attorney, but there are specific attorneys for Medicaid fraud, which means this is the type of attorney that you want to choose. A Medicaid fraud attorney can give you a helping hand during such a difficult time as well as helping you find all the evidence you need to win your case. In some cases, the evidence may be very substantial against the accused, so all the person can hope for is a lower fine or penalty, and jail time may or may not be inevitable. As long as your attorney can help you as much as possible and possibly free you of the charges, it’s a great idea to get the attorney, especially right after you’re charged.