Whistleblowers Work with a Medicaid Fraud Attorney

MEDICAID FRAUD ATTORNEYA whistleblower is a person who sees something in the workplace that is wrong or illegal and then alerts the government to the fact that there is a problem. Naturally, many whistleblowers feel a bit nervous to do so since they don’t want to get found out and fired, which is why laws have been made saying that firing on those grounds is illegal.

Full Protection from Termination

Still, to make sure that they are not unfairly taken advantage of, many whistleblowers will work with a medicaid fraud attorney. Just knowing that an attorney is involved is often enough to keep employers from firing people illegally, which they may do otherwise, at least if they think that those people do not know what rights they have. The employers know that attorneys are not going to be so easily fooled, so they will be more prone to stay in line, and lawsuits can even be started if a whistleblower is terminated without any cause save for the report.

Getting a Portion of the Money

The biggest reason that a whistleblower may work with a Medicaid fraud attorney, though, is that the government may be willing to pay the person a portion of the cash that they recover from the lawsuit. Even a small percentage, like 10 percent, can be a ton of money if the suit recovers millions of dollars that were stolen through fraud. In fact, some people have reported these cases and then quit their jobs, knowing how much money they are going to get when the case was settled and seeing that it was more lucrative than working.