What Exactly Is Medicaid Fraud?

1Unlike other types of fraud like food stamp fraud, Medicaid fraud is different in that it does scam the government but on a much larger scale than food stamp fraud. Those that commit Medicaid fraud can scam the government out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, and this is why these types of fraud are investigated thoroughly, and the charges can be extreme. There are some that commit Medicaid fraud on such large scales that they face many years in jail as well as large fines because they are not only taking from the government but also harming those who do not receive the treatments they need. Whether the Medicaid fraud is committed by a company or an individual doesn’t matter because both persons can be charged with fraud and can face penalties, fines, and jail time. Those who are facing Medicaid fraud will want to hire a medicaid fraud lawyer.

Getting The Right Kind Of Attorney

Those that are injured in an accident will want an accident attorney. Anyone who is facing criminal charges will hire a criminal attorney, but there are specific attorneys for Medicaid fraud, which means this is the type of attorney that you want to choose. A Medicaid fraud attorney can give you a helping hand during such a difficult time as well as helping you find all the evidence you need to win your case. In some cases, the evidence may be very substantial against the accused, so all the person can hope for is a lower fine or penalty, and jail time may or may not be inevitable. As long as your attorney can help you as much as possible and possibly free you of the charges, it’s a great idea to get the attorney, especially right after you’re charged.


Help From the Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney

1There is no need for you to panic when you receive notification that you have been suspected of fraud against the Medicaid system. The worst thing that you can do is try to go to court by yourself and talk your way out of any problem. The judge will have zero patience for you not working with a professional to put this matter to rest and could hand down the most harsh of sentences.

How to Handle This Issue
The very first thing that you should do after receiving notification you are being investigated for fraud is to get the help of a professional local Medicaid fraud attorney now. There is no reason to get yourself all worked up when you really don’t even understand what the letter is all about. Your lawyer will be able to read through all the technical wording and help you to deal with this problem head on so that you can put in in your rear-view mirror as quickly as possible. The sooner you get help, the sooner your stress will go away and you will be able to relax knowing you have nothing to be concerned about.

The Experience of Your Lawyer
One of the reasons that it is so important that you are working with a professional local medicaid fraud lawyer is that they live in that court every week. They see these cases many times each month and they know what the court is looking for when it wants to close the books on the case. Your lawyer will take the time to explain why you were selected, how this must be satisfied, then help you to gather that information which will allow the judge to rule in your favor before they fine you or take away those benefits from you.


Fight the Courts with a Medicaid Attorney

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The only way you could possibly win your case against the Medicaid investigators is with the help of a lawyer. You may think that you have an understanding as to why the investigation was opened, but without a lawyer you could make one mistake and really make things worse than had you done nothing. Too many people go to court unprepared and then are upset with the end result. Here are some of the benefits to calling and working with a local Medicaid fraud attorney today.

Understanding the Reasons for the Investigation

When you are notified that you have to respond to the claims of defrauding Medicaid, the correspondence can be quite challenging to read. The information is often worded in a way that can confuse you if you are not familiar with the workings of that system. Your local Medicaid fraud attorney understands what is going on because they see these cases every week and know exactly what it is the court wants in order to be satisfied. Don’t make the mistake of going to court alone, the judge may feel you are not taking this matter serious or you could say something that causes the court to investigate your finances further.

This Issue Was Not a Random Case

Although you might have been told or think this is a random case of you just getting an unlucky draw, you should know there are certain things that took place that lead to this investigation being opened against you. It could be that your bank statements or recent tax return were not in line with what you put on your Medicaid application, so the red flag caused the issue. It could also be that an anonymous source called in the report because they have information that you are in violation of the Medicaid rules. Get an experienced medicaid fraud lawyer for the best representation for your case.


Working With Your Medicaid Fraud Lawyer


Working With Your Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

The minutes after you are notified from the Medicaid fraud department you are under investigation can be some of the scariest in your life. Not only are you not aware of what will result, most likely your benefits have been put on hold pending the investigation. If you think that the deadline in that letter means take your time and get to us when you can, you are going to be in for a very rude awakening. The letter means get your papers in order and get professional help fast because once that deadline passes you are out of luck.

Speaking With the Experts in this Field

The local Medicaid fraud attorney spends a considerable amount of time each week on these type cases. They are to date on all the logistics and changes that take place in the law, and chances are pretty good that they also have seen your type situation arise time and time again. This means that they are in the best position to get you the advice you need to close the books on this issue today. Don’t make the common mistake of trying to deal with this issue on your own, the consequences could be severe if the courts find that you have not proven your side of the story.

Fighting to Get You Help

In many situations, the courts can come down very hard on those who have committed fraud against the Medicaid system. In addition to the benefits being suspended, you could face a fine, the judge could take away the benefits permanently, or they can even demand you pay back any benefits you have received in the past. Your local medicaid fraud lawyer will help you to get everything in order to satisfy the courts and ensure that you have your benefits back as quickly as possible.


Choosing to Call a Medicaid Fraud Attorney Today


Getting notified by the Medicaid department that you are currently being investigated for fraud can rattle you done to your shoes. The time to start taking action is the minute you get that notification because this is most certainly a timely issue. Put this off and you could miss the deadline and have to face serious consequences as a result. The best way to make certain that this issue is addressed and is put behind you is to simply call your local Medicaid fraud attorney right now.

Dealing With that Correspondence

Many people get overwhelmed when they receive that letter declaring they are being investigated for fraud because they simply can not recall what may have triggered the issue. it could simply be a concern over your address, or it could be that assets were discovered that were not properly listed n your application. The local Medicaid fraud attorney will be able to read and discover exactly what the issue is and what course of action need be taken to get this resolved before court is involved. The sooner your local medicaid fraud lawyer can get things squared away, the sooner you can put this behind you.

The Severe Penalties for Fraud

If you simply moved to a new jurisdiction without updating the application, that is one thing, it is another to have hidden assets or claiming you make less than you really do. In many cases the department working the case has already been in touch with your employer so they know exactly what type of money is involved. If not fixed, you risk losing your benefits, you risk having to pay back some of the benefits, or you could be subjected to having to pay back all of the benefits that you have received up to this point.


Finding the Right Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney

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If you are wondering how you can fight the court concerning Medicaid fraud, before you even try to understand the charges against you it is important that you speak with a Medicaid fraud attorney who can make sense of the charges against you. In many cases the person simply misunderstands the charge and things by ignoring it that this will eventually blow over. The trouble is that by not providing the court adequate information, they can often strike down at hit you with harden penalties than had you simply complied to their request.

The Beginning of this Process

To get things started, it is important that you first read the letter carefully from the courts before panicking. This could simply be a matter of your change of address triggering the computer to flag your account until things are in order. If you do not consider this issue important, it could be too late to reverse the penalties once the courts rule against you. Regardless how detailed or simple the charges appear, speaking with the medicaid fraud lawyer will ensure that there is no mistake about what they uncovered and what actions will be needed on your behalf to stop the bleeding today.

Giving the Courts What They Need

Your Medicaid fraud attorney lives in that court, and they understand exactly what the court wants in each instance. They have seen where not taking care of these issues can result in your losing your benefits, having to repay a portion of your benefits, or in the most extreme case having to repay every dollar that you have received up to now. This is not something you want to have to face because if you are not in the position to pay back the money immediately, the court can add interest to each day you are delinquent.


Resolving Investigation Issues with a Medicaid Fraud Attorney

T1he one time that you do not want to make the mistake of avoiding responding in a timely manner is when the courts notify you that they have been conducting a fraud investigation concerning you and your actions. Regardless how simple or complicated the letter might appear, you should make a call immediately to the local Medicaid fraud lawyer so they can help you to get the issue resolved without it costing you more than necessary.

Analyzing the Investigation Letter
The letter that you receive from the agency investigating your participation in the Medicaid fraud reveals a lot about what you should do next. It is important to understand that the court will rule against you if you fail to respond, if you show to the court unprepared, and if you try to fight without the proper legal representation. When you work with a local Medicaid fraud lawyer, they can analyze the information and help you to prepare properly so that the case does not drag on unnecessarily.

Negotiating a Favorable Outcome
The best chance that you will have at getting a more favorable decision from the court is letting the local Medicaid fraud lawyer fight on your behalf. These experts understand that you have so much at risk by not putting together your case in such a way that the judge goes easier on you. In addition to the court having the power to take away all your benefits, they can stop all future benefits and even make you repay for all benefits received to now. In extreme cases, judges have handed down serious jail sentences that could have been plea bargained with the help of a local medicaid fraud lawyer.

You will be in better position to win your case if you have a lawyer with you.