Fight the Courts with a Medicaid Attorney

medicaid law

The only way you could possibly win your case against the Medicaid investigators is with the help of a lawyer. You may think that you have an understanding as to why the investigation was opened, but without a lawyer you could make one mistake and really make things worse than had you done nothing. Too many people go to court unprepared and then are upset with the end result. Here are some of the benefits to calling and working with a local Medicaid fraud attorney today.

Understanding the Reasons for the Investigation

When you are notified that you have to respond to the claims of defrauding Medicaid, the correspondence can be quite challenging to read. The information is often worded in a way that can confuse you if you are not familiar with the workings of that system. Your local Medicaid fraud attorney understands what is going on because they see these cases every week and know exactly what it is the court wants in order to be satisfied. Don’t make the mistake of going to court alone, the judge may feel you are not taking this matter serious or you could say something that causes the court to investigate your finances further.

This Issue Was Not a Random Case

Although you might have been told or think this is a random case of you just getting an unlucky draw, you should know there are certain things that took place that lead to this investigation being opened against you. It could be that your bank statements or recent tax return were not in line with what you put on your Medicaid application, so the red flag caused the issue. It could also be that an anonymous source called in the report because they have information that you are in violation of the Medicaid rules. Get an experienced medicaid fraud lawyer for the best representation for your case.