Medicaid Fraud Lawyer


Medicaid fraud lawyer

Medicaid fraud by an individual or group of individuals is when they don’t qualify, yet decide to come into the program via the “back door” hoping nobody will see them and they’ll get approved. Medicaid fraud in this country is ongoing and as rampant as moss on a Mississippi tree stump. And the only person suffering is the federal government who, on occasion don’t really seem to care about the loss of billions (B) of tax payer dollars. The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit handling the heavy lifting in the Medicaid program can’t do it all, which is where Medicaid fraud lawyers come to the forefront.

The Culprits And Mission Of MFCU And Fraud Lawyers!

To identify and investigate the usual suspects committing the Medicaid fraud you need only to turn toward hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, doctors, dentists, nurses and others involved in the health care industry. It’s easy to make a buck and pretty much like finding money in the street. That said, fraud lawyers can only do so much since fraud against Medicaid by recipients is investigated by each state county via local MFCU offices if there is one close by.

The Mission Of a Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

In order for a medicaid fraud lawyer specialist to work the program to the best of their abilities, they need to know who the “bad guys” are and where they’re located. Ergo, if those of you reading this article have knowledge of any business or person receiving Medicaid without being properly qualified, your lawyer can assist in bringing them to justice.