Why you Need a Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

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Medicaid is the government’s health insurance plan by the poor. Though it is a federal program, Medicaid is administered by the states. It is a program that is rife with fraud, costing the government billions of dollars every year. Because of this, federal prosecutors take a dim view of anyone involved with fraud, so if you are accused of Medicaid fraud, you definitely need an experienced medicaid fraud lawyer.

Unintentional fraud

Many people who commit Medicaid fraud don’t intend to and aren’t even aware they have done so. A common situation that occurs is that someone’s situation changes — they get a better-paying job, they get married or they lose custody of a child — and the change makes them ineligible for Medicaid. In such a situation, the government will go after such a person to recover benefits paid in error. Having a Medicaid attorney helping you in such a situation can ensure that you get a reasonable deal to pay back the money and that you don’t face any criminal charges.

Intentional fraud

Intentional Medicaid fraud is a more serious issue, and anyone charged with such a crime definitely needs a Medicaid attorney. Among the ways people can commit intentional Medicaid fraud are:
-Lying about income or other circumstances to meet the qualifications to receive Medicaid.
-Receiving benefits that were meant for someone else, such as a parent who may have died.
-Selling Medicaid benefits for cash to someone else.
-Conspiring with a healthcare professional to bill for services that weren’t necessary.
Anyone accused of any of these actions is likely to be charged with a crime and needs a Medicaid attorney to try to negotiate a deal. Being able to pay back the money received is likely to get you a lighter sentence.