Why You Need to Call a Medicaid Fraud Attorney


Why You Need to Call a Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Once you get that letter in the mail that you are being investigated for Medicaid fraud, understand that the investigators already have some evidence against you that they are ready to present to the court. These investigators could have contacted your employer, found you provided false information on your application, or hid information about assets you currently have. The key here is to not speak to the investigator until you hired your own medicaid fraud lawyer.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

The short answer here is it will not hurt. The minute you start talking to an investigator, they can and will use all that conversation against you in the court of law. There could be serious charges pending if a judge feels this evidence is valid, and you might not be fully aware of your rights as you speak with that detective. Hiring the Medicaid fraud attorney to represent you will ensure that the conversations are limited to only the facts, and then the case will be detailed so the judge can make a fair determination.

What Did I Do Wrong?

It is hard to say at the beginning, but it could range from something very small to a very serious issue. Perhaps you did not disclose your finances to the dollar, and being off even slightly, whether an oversight or on purpose, requires immediate attention. Maybe you did not think certain items you have are considered assets, and the investigator wants to bring this to the attention of the court. It could be a matter of you claiming you lived in one location when in fact you never reported you new address.